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Unit 2 / 7 Carson Road
Malaga, WA, 6090

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Renovate or reconstruct the opening of your existing garage. Convert two single width openings to a double width opening. Reconstruct arches to a right angle opening. Increase the height and/or width of an existing opening.

Change the colour of your garage door if you have a faded garage door or you don’t like the existing colour with a spray-on vinyl wrap in any colour.

Renovating and Updating the look of your garage will dramatically improve the street appeal of your home and its value. The façade of many older style brick homes are now being transformed with a rendered or painted finish and complimented with an updated or customised garage door. We can advise you and offer the following services:

  • change the opening of the garage

    • from two single width openings to a double width opening

    • from arches to right angle openings

    • increase the height and/or width of an existing opening

    • enclose a carport

    • add a side gate and/or fence panel

  • change the type of door

    • from an older style tilt or roller door to a modern sectional door

    • from a heavy wood door to a modern sectional door

    • from a door to a gate

    • from a roller door to a roller shutter

    • for increased privacy or visibility

    • simply change the colour of an existing door

Garage Opening Reconstruction

Double arches are now dated and restrict the drive-through width and height required for late model 4WD and SUV vehicles. We can remove garage pillars, mullions between roller doors, square off and/or remove arches to increase the drive-through width and height.

We work with a registered builder for all your reconstruction work. Contact Garage Upgrades for a quote.

BEFORE: Original single width arched garage door


AFTER: A double width garage door. Original brickwork to be rendered.


There are now many free visualisation tools available to assist you in designing and changing the look of your house and garage doors. All you need is a photo of the front of your house! They are relatively simple to use or if you prefer, email us a photo and we would be more than happy to provide you with some ideas.

Here are some popular tools:

Changing the Colour

Got a faded garage door? Want to change the colour of your garage door? If it is in good working order, but the colour is faded, dated, or doesn’t go with the look of your house, why not change the colour? Consider a vinyl wrap in any colour. It is a quick and cost effective option to consider.

New and Exclusive.jpg

Spray-on Wrap


  • Any colour, multiple finishes, cost effective, 8 coats ensure it can be easily removed in the future. Suitable for sectional doors only. We will need to dismantle your door, take it offsite and reinstall it in 48 hours.

  • Heat resistant, water resistant, integrated UV protection, virtually an unlimited range of colours and multiple finishes

  • 2 year warranty

  • can last 4+ years with minimal care

  • very durable and is guaranteed not to bubble over the lifetime of the wrap

Powdercoat – the door will need to be dismantled and taken offsite to an experienced powdercoater. Will take at least 48 hours. The colours are limited  e.g. Dulux Duralloy colour range

Spray paint – can be done onsite, any colour. We recommend using an experienced spray painter

Wood garage doors – restore faded and peeling solid wood panel and slat doors

  •  Onsite service. Sand wood back to bare timber and apply 3 coats of UV stable varnish

  • Annual maintenance and door service option recommended